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Compact Universal Machine : N-156

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  • Univeral Vice allows the workpiece to be set at any desired angle and widely used on tool and cutter grinders and surface grinders.
  • Low height construction makes these useful on even the most complicated grinding jobs.
  • The vice has one fixed horizontal axis which allows the workpiece to be rotated at any angle along it.
  • Fully graduated 360° swivel base allows complete rotation along the vertical axis.
  • The third angular slide with a moving axis allows for any setting in the 3D plane.
  • Manufactured from unbreakable steel casting with fully hardened and ground tool steel jaws.
  • Hardened and ground jaw plates.
  • Horizontal and vertical v groove provided for thin round jobs to hold accurately.
  • Ergonomically designed all steel handle allows for stress-free operation.
  • Use of hi-tensile grade fasteners provides strength and rigidity to these vices.
  • A milled slot in the vice base allows for accurate location of the vice on the machine table using rectangular locating nuts.
  • “Hold Down” slots allow for secure clamping of the vice on the work table.