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Drill Press Vice (Unigrip) : N-167

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  • Unbreakable alloy¬† Steel construction with ground surfaces helps the smooth lateral movement of movable jaws.
  • Rugged design provides precision and powerful clamping for drilling, tapping and reaming operations.
  • The base is slotted enabling the vice to be bolted to drill press tables, assisting in quick and accurate positioning.
  • Longitudinal and transversal prisms in the fixed jaw allow for firm gripping of round jobs of different sizes both horizontally and vertically.
  • Special seat in jaws facilitates retaining of flat workpieces.
  • Vices are equipped with a convenient well grip mechanism.
  • Spindle moves inside the hollow handgrip allowing the vice to be used at a location away from the table edge, this feature increases the scope of application of this range of vices.