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High Grip Machine Vice : N-104

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Product ID: N-104


  • Hi-Grip Machine Vice Designed for Precision Milling, Grinding & Widely Used
    With CNC Machining Center.
  • High-Grade FCO 60 Ductile iron Body, Grounded Top & Bottom.
  • Bed Hight Matched with Multiple Vice Orders.
  • High Alloyed Quality Resistance Steel, Case Hardened HRC 60± 2 is used in
    Clamping Jaws to give High Performance & No Wear.
  • Accuracy in Parallelism & Squatness Within 0.02/1 OOmm.
  • Interchangeable Jaws Plates.
  • Tenon & Tenon Slots Provided for Effortless Truing of Vice on Machine Table.
  • High Clamping Force can Achieve by Effortless handle movement Wich eliminates Hammering on vice handle.
  • Maximum Clamping Force 5000 kg.


4 Side Clamps.
1 BOX Wrench.
2 Positioning Key Nuts, 1 work stopper