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Hydraulic Machine Vice : N-181

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Product ID: N-181


  • Ruggedly constructed for milling, drilling, shaping, grinding and many other
    machine shop applications.
  • Body made of high-quality ductile cast iron to resist deflection or bending.
  • Hardened and ground sideways.
  • Concealed spindle for protection against chip and dirt.
  • Hydraulic booster system for maximum clamping pressure with minimum force.
  • Hydra-booster system is guaranteed for using 1 year limited.
  • Also available in swivel base.
  • Accuracy in squareness is 0.02/1 OOmm.
  • Quick of clamping, locking and ease of operation.
  • The hydraulic oil number is #68
  • Maximum clamping Pressure 4500Kg.


1 Crank Handle, 1 Extention Bar.