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Muylti Grip Machine Vice with Serreted Slideways : N-103S

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Product ID: N-103 S

Key Features

  • Perfect vise for flexible clamping of multiple workpieces of various sizes.
  • Hardened & ground Serreted slideways and fixed jaws for rigid clamping.
  • The Multigrip  vises are a totally new concept of modular clamping system able to maximize the machine table capacity and thus to increase its productivity.
  • This system is designated for clamping several workpieces at the same time on the machine tool table, thus reducing tool changeover times.
  • HIGHEST ACCURACY in positioning and alignement ± 0,02 mm.
  • Multigrip vises can be vertically assembled linked each other or clamped to specific workholding structures.
  • High alloyed quality resistance steel, case hardened HRC 60 ±2 is used in all body and accessories of vice to give maximum rigidity, high performance & no wear.
  • Each vise is supplied with 3 fixed jaws and 2 wedge clamps.