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Precision 5-Axis Machine Vice : N-121

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Product ID: N-121

Key Features

  • Self Centring 5-Axis Machine Vice Designed for Precision 4 & 5-Axis CNC Rotary
    Table usage, either in horizontal or Vertical Machining and widely used with Grinding
    & Precision Milling Machines.
  • Vice Precision of its Centre Repitition Position is ± 0.02mm.
  • The Space Saving design and Solid Construction allow a Maximum Blocking ratio
    to Total overall Dimension of the vice.
  • High Alloyed Quality resistance steel, Case Hardened HRC 60 ± 2 is Used In all
    Body and Accessories of Vice to Give Maximum rigidity, High Performance & No
  • All Components of Vice are interchangeablew ith Perfect alignmentt o Provide differentw ork holding Solutions.
  • Minimum Clamping depth of workpiece 3 or 4 mm gives enormous Material Savings.
  • Maximum Clamping Pressure 5000 Kg. approximate.
  • Highest Holding Power at Minimum Clamping Force.
  • Vice Allows Application of Short Tools reduced vibration & Longer Life to Provide the best Finish.
  • Ideal for use in 3 Axis machining centers also for mass production with multiple vices setup.


Standard Accessories
1 Work Stopper, 1 Pair of standard 16mm positioning key nuts, 4 Clamps, T Allen Key, 1 box Wrench