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Precision Modular Vice : N-101

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Product ID: N-181


  • Modular Vice designed for precision milling, grinding and widely used with CNC
    milling machines.
  • Both jaws plates are in pull-down angle. This ensures, during the clamping operation
    a down load run of the workpiece against the vice base and thus a precise and safe clamping.
  • All components of vice are interchangeable with perfect alignment o provide differently
    work to hold solutions.
  • The space-saving design and solid construction allow a maximum blocking ratio to total overall dimension of the vice.
  • Four extra tapped holes with ground back jaw rear face increase maximum opening capacity with the addition of jaws extensions.
  • High alloyed quality resistance steel, case hardened HRC 60 ±2 is used in all body and accessories of vice to give maximum
    rigidity, high performance & no wear.


1 Work Stopper, 1 Pair of standard 16mm positioning key nuts, 4 Clamps, T Allen Key, 1 box Wrench