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Self Centering Lock Down Jaw Vice : N-132

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Product ID: N-132


  • Self centring Lock down Jaw vice Designed for Precision Milling machines and
    CNC Machining Centres.
  • The jaws move towards the center. This always provide stable work piece
    centring settings.
  • Sealed bearing system induces clamping pressure and increases bearing life.
  • Accuracy in parallelism & squareness within 0.02/100 mm.
  • Hardened bed and jaws maintain accuracy for a long time.
  • Ductile Cast iron body.
  • No work piece tilt after clamping
  • All parts interchangeablea nd available as spares.
  • Tenons and tenon slots provided for effortless truing of vice on machine table.
  • The high clamping force can be achieved by effortless handle movement which eliminates
    hammering on a handle.

1 Work Stopper, 1 Pair of standard 16mm positioning key nuts, Ajdustable Handle