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Stanley Electrician-Kit Tool Set 9Pcs

HSN CODE : 82059030

Hand Tool Kit Specially designed for Electricians. It comes with a 12.5″ Tool Box for easy portability and storage. It is stylish, compact and provides a good assortment of tools with no compromise on the quality.

Part No : Electrician-Kit

Description : Electrician-Kit Tool Set 9Pcs

MOQ : 1

Package Content:
1pc 8″ combination Plier, double colour sleeve
1pc 6″ long nose Plier double colour sleeve
1pc Wire Stripper, 130mm 5 1/4”
1pc Linesman Tester 5mm
1pc 35 pc Screwdriver set
1pc Slide lock snap off knife 18mm
1pc Basic Diagonal Cutting Pliers 4″
1pc Short tape rules 3m/10′ x 13mm
1pc 12.5” Toolbox metal latch