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Stanley (STHT74982) 30PC HOME TOOL SET

HSN CODE : 82059020

Stanley has introduced All-New 30 Pcs Tool Kit/Set for Home that you might require for your DIY projects as well as heavy-duty professional jobs. Stanley Home Tool Set is Equipped with everything from adjustable wrench to the most basic tools such as Tape Measure for DIY as well as professional use

Part No : STHT74982

Description : 30PC HOME TOOL SET

MOQ : 1

  • 1pc 6”(150mm) Adjustable wrench
  • 1pc 6”(150mm) Long Nose Pliers
  • 1pc 6”(150mm) Universal Plier
  • 1pc 6”(150mm) Diagonal Plier
  • 1pc Multi-bit screwdriver 20 bits pieces
  • 1pc 8oz hammer
  • 1pc Utility knife
  • 1pc 9” torpedo level 1pc 3m/10′ tape measure